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CitizenM Paris La D


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Das Hotel

Need to prepare or give a pitch for potential investors, find a space to inspire your team, or simply want a break from your corporate environment? societyM is where modern business nomads come to work and play. Located at citizenM Paris La Défense hotel, societyM offers 3 creative meeting spaces with all the trimmings. Expect stylish board-room style spaces stuffed with comfy Vitra furniture, white & chalkboard walls, and loads of free stuff (coffee, tea, Wi-Fi, pens, inspiration). Perfect for meetings, network events, workshops, it’s up to you, all we do is give you the space to let your creativity run wild.


Walking into a meeting space where you feel right at home is rare, but if you want to nail that pitch, or convince your investors, everyone needs to feel at ease.
That’s why we’ve made our spaces comfortable, stylish, and with as much coffee as you can stomachexplore societyM Paris La Defense

- Comfy chairs
- chalk & white board, ground to ceiling, walls
- unlimited tea, coffee & water
- flatscreen & free wifi


Paris Charles de Gaulle : 35 km
Paris Orly : 32 km


Paris Gare du Nord : 13 km
Paris Gare de Lyon : 15 km

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Staying in a citizenM hotel room is nothing like your normal business accommodation, it's a bit like staying in a really homely spaceship: full of smart tech, highly customisable, panoramic views of skyscrapers, oh and as comfy as being weightless. triple-glazed, soundproof room

- XL king-size bed
- free, fast Wi-Fi throughout
- powerful rain shower
- free shampoo and shower gel
- room controlled via tablet
- blackout blinds
- wireless streaming to smart TV
- stylish furniture by Vitra design
- safe for your tech
- space to hang your power suit
- hair dryer (and not the dodgy kind)


We'd never tell our citizens what to do, especially when it comes down to food and drink. That’s why we created canteenM at the heart of citizenM Paris La Défense, a 24/7 pitstop for hungry citizens. You’ll find fresh food, healthy drinks, and a perfectly made flat white around the clock.

There’s no need to break routine if you don’t want to, the modern business traveller can fill their belly in the morning with our healthy options, pop in for a light lunch, or have a home cooked meal or fresh-made salad.


societyM Paris La Défense is the place where creative brainiacs meet and where the biggest deals are brokered between blackboard walls, whiteboard walls, and litres of fresh coffee. We stuffed these suites full of ergonomical Vitra design and lines the walls with objects to help your daydreaming skill set. There’s also fast Wi-Fi and everything technical you could imagine for your presentations.

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Meeting room 1 / / 9 / / / / / 33 JA
Meeting room 2 / / 12 / / / / / 34 JA
Meeting room 3 / / 14 / / / / / 45 JA

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00 800 44 555 444


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